Truemigo™ is the app that helps you stay on top of your REAL social life.

Have you ever lost track of when you last saw your friends in person? You think it’s been weeks but it turns out to be months or years! Time flies! Life happens… to all of us!

By easily recording your FACE-TO-FACE meetings (one friend scans the other friend’s code), you will always know when, where, and how often you meet your friends IN PERSON, no more guessing!


Truemigo™ maps are a great way to visualize how your real social life spreads across the world.

See who’s been there with you along the way!

Points & Badges

Truemigo™ is also a game! You earn points for recording F2Fs and you earn badges for achieving your goals and completing challenges.

You can also track your progress for each month, goal, and challenge.

Friend’s Details

See your friend’s contact info, badges, F2F Maps, and Random Stack of F2F Pics. 

F2Fs with pictures are shared with friends, but the dates are not shared (to protect your privacy).

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