Truemigo Friends (a.k.a. Truemigos)

Truemigo Friends

You can add Truemigo friends by searching for a friend and sending them a connection request OR by meeting with them IN PERSON and recording your first F2F (face-to-face) with them.

Adding a friend online does not earn you points, you only earn points when you record an F2F with someone. However, if you add a friend online, you get access to their contact information, map, and pictures.

Your list of Truemigo friends is meant for more than just list your friends. You want to know how long it’s been since the last time you met your friends IN PERSON and how many times you have seen them (or F2F count). By knowing which friends you see the least or who you haven’t seen in a while, hopefully you’ll be more motivated to reach out and make the effort to see them face-to-face.

You can also see you friends’ score, and you can click on a friend to see their contact details, badges, map of F2Fs with pictures, and stack of 10 random pictures!

The map of F2Fs with pictures is a map that shows your friend’s F2Fs for which your friend added a picture. If they didn’t add a picture, the F2F would not display on the map. This F2F map provides a location-based way of looking at friendships. If you see that a friend’s geographical friendship footprint is too small, encourage them to expand it and to try new adventures. Better yet, go try new places and activities with her.

The stack of 10 random pictures is meant to give you a glimpse of your friend’s pictures, just enough for you to miss them and what to meet them IN PERSON. Every time you visit your friend’s stack of random F2F pictures, you will find a different set.

Enjoy your Truemigo friends, online and especially in real life!